LYRICS  Driftwood


Good Woman

Hello, single life I’m back in your arms again

Though in truth I’d hoped I’d seen the last of you, my friend.

Would you be so kind, darling to keep me company

And shake this solitude that’s doggin’ me.

I let a good woman go

Yes, I let a good woman go.


Pick up your bags, do not linger nor hesitate

Though you find it hard to leave behind familiar ways.

Who will bring you sweetness? Who’ll relieve your doubts?

Who will be your right hand woman, now?

I let a good woman go

Yes, I let a good woman go.


You must be strong

You’ve been a hold out for so long.

Or might you be a fool who pretends

That perfect love is just around the bend.

I let a good woman go.
















Starlit Milky Way

Baby, we’ve been parted way too long

Fill my lonesome heart with song.

You’re the woman of my dreams

Be my lover, be my queen.


  I can hardly wait

  Starlit Milky Way

  Moonlit ocean waves

  Sunlit summer days.

  (It’s there for you and I)


Darling, you’re my sea of tranquility

I’m a Sequoia- you can lean on me.

And we’ve caught the wind in our hair

Rain or shine, love takes care.






















Navigate Me Home

Into a drizzling April rain

I stumbled out of the tour van

And I tumbled aboard a train

Northbound for Amsterdam.


From Culemborg, I suspect

I crawled the railcar walls

On the leg out of Utrecht

I levitated once or twice.


Holy shit, I ate one mighty spacecake

But, I’m in good hands here in the Netherlands.

Who will navigate me home?

  (in the Netherlands)

Who will navigate me home?

  (your in good hands)


Along the old canals I strayed

Soaking wet I bore the night

And with every move I made

It took three tries just to get it right.


Into a drizzling April rain

I stumbled out of the tour van

I tumbled aboard a train

Northbound for Amsterdam.


The Wind

I’m riding bareback on my old warhorse

Trying to catch ahold of the wind.


I’m riding once again down a buffalo herd

Hear the back beat of our hearts.


Down in the valley near a bend in the river

See the curling of the village smoke.


Our old shaman once held a rain dance

Shit, he set the prairie near and far- set it afire.































Long ago, deserts were a deep blue pool

Sparkled the Earth like a beautiful jewel.

A transformation, boy would do you good

Illumination where once darkness stood.

  Darkness stood.


Once, you tilled passion deep from the Milky Way

To serenade your lovers at the end of the day.

But, you’ve been drawn to the beat of different drum

A forlorn heart careening on the solar wind

  Of a billion suns.


  Pandemonia, you’re all I know

  How did it ever come to this?

  Pandemonia, you’re all I know

  I can’t get over you.


Time is in motion- an unspoken silence

That leaves you reeling, seeking some sense of balance.

So, among your dreams you long to be and so elope

Your salvation, rejuvenation, your pillar of hope.



Saddle up your gallant dreams

Bring your songs, your travelin’ clothes

Fear and woe we will leave behind

Gonna burn, burn like a rocket ship.


Among the stars, their by-ways

Distant worlds you’ve roamed

Does the road still turn you on?

Bring you epic tales bound in wonder and lore?


Far away, far away eyes

Have you found what you’re looking for?

Restless heart,

Are you bound to imitate, to mimic driftwood?


In the by and by

Have you found happiness?

Come to terms with yourself?

Grown enlightened, dwelled with love, built your home in the sun?


Under the arms of a willow tree

Down a cobblestone road

Standing in a pool of twilight

I’m a man undone by a brush with faded love.


Far away, far away eyes

Are you long for the next strong wind?

Does your loyal shadow cast a doubt?

 Feel tired, torn, and frayed?


Only a fool like me, only a fool

Could ever turn your love away

Turn your love away.





Ghost On the Road

I’ve been riding lately an uncertain haste

Whoa, what’s that ahead?

There’s a ripple in the atmosphere

A subtle bend in the road

Might it be the time has come

To pack your bags and move on-

Farther on.


I’ve been thinking about going home

Sweet home Colorado

I can feel the draw of the native call

There below it’s warm sun.

Were it not for the muse

There’d be nothing to keep me here

Not a lover, a home, no more big dreams.


Out of the dawn

You came galloping along

Singing a song

Ki yi yippi ki ay.

You’ve kicked the shine off of your boots

Roped a dust devil or two

Glory hallelujah,

How do you do?


See the ghost on the road

With an ear to the ground

Might the thought of something better out there

Make it hard to settle down

Underneath all of those stars

Where are you now bound?

  Ghost on the road.

  Ghost on the road.



How Much Love Did You Burn?

I was hoping we could make a stand

I was hoping to be your man

The lilt of your voice, your tenderness

The scent of your fragrance, oh your sweet caress.

  How much love did you burn?

  How much time did you spend?

  How much love did you burn?


High on moonbeams and good red wine

We talked of eloping through a hole in time

I wrote you a song drawn straight from the heart

It’s a crying shame when things fall apart?

  How much love did you burn?

  How much time did you spend?

  How much love, love did you

  How much love did you burn?