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Los Angeles, California


singer-songwriter, alt-country,
folk-rock, americana


West Coast SoundJuniper and PinonDriftwood

WaterKingAmerican River

Live configurations:
solo- Chris Laterzo
band- Chris Laterzo and Buffalo Robe



Kim Grant
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Short Bio

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and recording artist Chris Laterzo has managed to keep the muse alive with the release of his fifth and latest album West Coast Sound.  Blending varying degrees of folk, rock, and alt-country, Laterzo is an artist who continues to create a unique style of song best described as American cowboy-rock. The spirit of the open road, the imagery of boundless landscapes and weathered travelers, the loping rhythms- as with Laterzo’s previous work, it’s all there in West Coast Sound.  Co-produced by Jeff LeGore and Chris Laterzo, West Coast Sound is a culmination of a seasoned artist dedicated to the craft of songwriting.

Laterzo spends a great deal of time supporting his indie albums on the DIY touring circuit both solo and with his band Buffalo Robe, covering various parts of the US, and across the Atlantic to Europe..

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