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singer-songwriter, alt-country,
folk-rock, americana


West Coast SoundJuniper and PinonDriftwood

WaterKingAmerican River

Live configurations:
solo- Chris Laterzo
band- Chris Laterzo and Buffalo Robe



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Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and recording artist Chris Laterzo has managed to keep the muse alive with the release of his fifth and latest album West Coast Sound.  Blending varying degrees of folk, rock, and alt-country, Laterzo is an artist who continues to create a unique style of song best described as American cowboy-rock. The spirit of the open road, the imagery of boundless landscapes and weathered travelers, the loping rhythms- as with Laterzo’s previous work, it’s all there in West Coast Sound.  Co-produced by Jeff LeGore and Chris Laterzo, West Coast Sound is a culmination of a seasoned artist dedicated to the craft of songwriting.

Laterzo spends a great deal of time supporting his indie albums on the DIY touring circuit both solo and with his band Buffalo Robe, covering various parts of the US, and across the Atlantic to Europe..

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Press Reviews

> “The amazing Americana rock artist Chris Laterzo’s newest album, Juniper and Pinon, is a stirring collection of American cowboy rock compositions, but on tracks like “Those Were the Days,” you could swear you were listening to Neil Young in his early years. It’s an awesome record!”
- The Times- Glen Starkey San Luis Obispo, California

  On the surface, Chris Laterzo’s music would seem to slot snugly into the ever-widening alternative-country genre. Listen closely, however, and his songs yield subtle pop flavors more indigenous to southern California than to Nashville. On WaterKing, his second CD, Laterzo demonstrates why many have hailed this LA-based singer-songwriter as a worthy figure in the lineage that includes Neil Young and Gram Parsons. Sometimes offering up churning guitar anthems, other times crafting ballads that sound like campfire classics, Laterzo is first and foremost a gifted melodist with an ear for hooks that sink in more deeply with each listen. High points on the CD include the slide-guitar infested “Welcome to California” and the Harvest-like ballad, “Mojave”, but in truth WaterKing is a winner from start to finish. Perhaps best of all, in an era of rampant cynicism, Laterzo’s songs unfold with a yearning spirit and life-affirming optimism.
- Performing Songwriter

>  When I think of Chris Laterzo, I immediately think of the legendary cover on David Munyon's CD CodeName Jumper. The mural in the foreground you could very well come across if you were in Venice Beach. Singer-songwriter Chris Laterzo resides in this American cultural seaside resort and delivers his third impressive CD Driftwood. I gladly place the lyrical poetic gift of Laterzo next to my idols Munyon and Neal Casal. Musically, I don't hesitate to name Laterzo in the same breath as Neil Young. Though clearly Laterzo- by way of Elliot Hilton on bass, Andre Troxx on guitar- is a growing, headstrong star in the making. Where the lyrics of the predecessors American River and WaterKing were based more on personal background, Driftwood leans more on the typical characters in his immediate surroundings. Well known by Laterzo, he has closely observed them. Just listen to “Ghost on the Road” and “Pandemonia”- how poetically woven. Above all, the last song named blows out ten minutes of heavy stuff which, as a Neil Young fan, you only dare to dream of. Laterzo loves the Netherlands and above all Spacecakes . This little offering really kicks some ass in the country sweeper "Navigate Me Home". Chris Laterzo has really let his ears listen well. Neil Young fans may react skeptically to Driftwood, but music pioneers will eat this spacecake up.
- Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands

>  This singer-songwriter knows his roots, and has put together an engaging collection of American folk-rock. American River is the essence of a rustic album, and Triple A fans may find a new hero.
- Los Angeles Music Connection

>  Three years ago, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Chris Laterzo released a stunning debut titled American River, played a show at the old Gold Coast Coffee House and then virtually disappeared from the minds of everyone but those who were smart enough to buy a copy of the album. It’s not often that one gets a second chance to discover a hidden treasure, but Laterzo’s offering one this week. Touring in support of his sophomore effort, WaterKing, Laterzo has maintained the passion for his work that made his debut both instantly listenable and likeable over the past three years, but the complexity of his arrangements and vocal range have increased almost exponentially during that period as well. Laterzo’s latest release has an undeniable alt-country flavor that wasn’t overtly present on his earlier disc, and it adds an element of warmth to his expansive songs that’s more than welcome. Trying to make it as a musician in a dog-eat-dog city like Los Angeles where any semblance of soul is hard to come by is no easy task. But somehow, Laterzo has kept his eyes forward, his head up and his remarkable songwriting skill honed to a diamond-sharp edge. And he’s got enough of his own soul to light L.A. for at least three days.
- Albuquerque Alibi