I'm happy to share with you the official music video for 'Tumbleweed'- a track off of my latest album 'West Coast Sound'. Directed, shot, and edited by Jessamine Sison, the video is based around and comprised of footage from a 4 day run of shows the band and I did through Utah this past August. Starring Jeff LeGore, Ron Pak, Dan Wistrom, and a few appearances by yours truly. I hope you like, and please feel free to share. Best- Chris

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Some very fine reviews are beginning to roll in
for 'West Coast Sound':

NO DEPRESSION- Frank Gutch, Jr.
God knows what in music makes us respond but Laterzo has me looking out windows of trains and sitting around mountain campfires and even isolating myself in whatever landscape is available... Laterzo has something within that captures my ear... I almost hate wrapping up this review. Stacks of CDs and files are begging to be heard but all I want to do right now is lay back and listen to Chris Laterzo. 

... Whether it’s the driving west coast sound of the title track, the sleepy acoustic Something Blue, the pedal steel and harmonica drenched Echo Park or the tongue in cheek Subaru, there is so much to enjoy on this album... Laterzo has recorded for me, one of the most satisfying alternative country albums of 2015.

If this album had arrived in May or June it would have never have been off the car stereo... The opening track West Coast Sound opens with some dirty Neil Young inspired guitar riffs then Laterzo’s glorious voice glides in like Sierra breeze and all work came to a standstill for the afternoon.

PARC BENCH- Greg Victor
Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Chris Laterzo has released his latest album, ‘West Coast Sound.’ On it, his vocals are as honest as they are seductive... Laterzo’s words and music tap into a spirit of emotional freedom and embody the allure of limitless western possibilities... Laterzo and the solid musicians who surround him all shine... With its distinctly American rhythms and rhymes, what it is, is contemporary and authentic.

'West Coast Sound' is a visual melody, the scenes in which Chris Laterzo offers no illusion but a sense of the prime optic experience made vocal... the all out American Country Rock is enough to make you wish you had never packed your bags and found your way back home. The sheer scale of the album, understated to the point of brilliance, the music version of sitting upon the hills overlooking Los Angeles... is to be applauded and shown for what it is, a piece of crowning Americana... West Coast Sound has the swish of brilliance throughout.


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September 2017
Pappy and Harriet's Saloon show on September 16, 2016.


April 22, 2016.
Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown- as always- one of the baddest venues on the globe. Wish it were a weekly thing.

August 3, 2015.
These arrived at my door today- all 1,036. All done, and looking forward to the 'official' release in September.

July 29, 2015.
The band and I had a great two day run in northern Arizona this past weekend. Playing the plaza courthouse in Prescott is always a winner- killer setting and killer sound.



July 1, 2015.
West Coast Sound mixes have concluded...  Next stop- Marsh Mastering.